Car servicing is important if you want your car to be safe and long-lasting. BMWs are built for class, comfort, and usability. In order to get the maximum output from your BMW, you need to take care of it by taking it to a trusted dealership for servicing. There are several services that need to be done depending on the mileage of the vehicle. Here’s what you need to know.

10,000 Mile Services

The 10,000-mile milestone is an important step in BMW services. At this stage, there are a few basic servicing steps to take. The first is a full engine oil replacement. According to Check Engine, oil changes must be administered every ten thousand miles. However, the oil should be changed once per year even if you do not drive 10,000 miles. Other BMW services done at the 10,000-mile mark include an oil filter change and coolant change. Both of these services will also be done every 10,000 miles.

20,000 Mile Services

When the vehicle has surpassed 20,000 miles, you need to have your fuel filters and pumps checked. If the BMW service provider detects an issue, they can repair or replace the parts before they lead to larger problems. These BMW services should be conducted in addition to the 10,000-mile services every 20,000 miles.

30,000 Mile Services

In addition to the 10,000-mile servicing, one needs to replace their brake fluid every 30,000 miles. Working brakes are crucial to your own safety and the safety of those around you. If the car uses manual transmission, then the manual transmission fluid also needs to be replaced.

60,000 Mile Services

When the car gets to its 60,000th mile, it requires all three previous services described above. In addition to these services, the engine air filters and spark plugs need to be checked and replaced. The brake pads and brake rotors also need to be checked and replaced at this stage. Additionally, automatic cars need an automatic fluid change every 60,000 miles.

90,000 Mile Services

In addition to all other services, one needs to have their car’s hoses and belts checked every 90,000 miles. The hoses and belts need to be replaced if they’re found to be damaged. This will be one of the lengthier services because it includes all previous services. Therefore, make sure to plan accordingly.

While it may seem like a hassle to have your BMW serviced regularly, it’ll be well worth it in the end. The car will be safer to drive and may last significantly longer. If you are looking for reliable BMW services, contact Oscar’s Automotive today!