Oscars Automotive in Boise offers exceptional service with Factory Trained technicians with a robust Nationwide 36k, 36 month Warranty. We specialize in late model Mercedes, BMW, and Mini Cooper models and carry factory level equipment to do so. Our highlight for residents in the Treasure Valley area is Oscar himself who specializes in classic Mercedes (1970 to 1994) and is recognized as one of the best and last in the valley to be factory trained on these vehicles. We serve Boise, Meridan, Kuna, Nampa, Caldwell, and beyond!

From a 450SL, to a 300SD, all the way to an E63 AMG, let our technicians get the job done right the first time.



I was born on June 2nd 1957 in Malimpec Malasiqui Pangasinan. I am the seventh of ten total children.  I moved to Fairfield, California when I was seventeen, where I worked on multiple farms with my siblings until I was twenty-one.  I decided then I would move to Boise, ID to attend Job Corps and learn how to become an automotive mechanic.  I graduated the program a couple years later with a degree in Automotive Repair and was quickly offered a job at Lyle Pearson Mercedes–Benz of Boise, due to my hard work ethics and willingness to learn.  I worked for the dealer from 1980 to 2002, where I was able to continue my automotive education one week to two weeks at a time, twice a year to do training where I learned to specialize in Mercedes, Volvo and Saab.

In 2002 I decided that I wanted to start my own business, left the dealer, and opened my own shop, working for myself and starting to build my reputation in the Treasure Valley.  I started with one shop lift.  After 8 years I was able to get a second shop lift to help with the ever increasing demand of the automotive industry.  I worked on my own until 2010 when my two sons Eric and Bradley decided they wanted to get into the automotive business with me and expand my reputation even further.  The three of us have opened our current shop Oscar’s Automotive and have successfully grown the business to employing 6 total employees and having 5 shop lifts and 6 bays.  We would love the opportunity to service your Mercedes-Benz, BMW, MINI Cooper, or Smart cars and not only make you laugh but welcome you to our family, because enhancing the automotive experience is what we do best here at Oscar’s Automotive.



I was born and raised in Boise in a home where automotive has always been near the center of my family. In 6th grade I moved, with my family, to the house where my dad built a shop and started what would inevitably be called Oscar’s Automotive. I first got my start in automotive working with him when I was 16 years old. I started helping him out at the shop during the summers between school. He consistently coached me on all my early fundamental technical skills. It was sporadic for those first years and after high school I ended up moving away for 3 years to Seattle. After moving back, I didn’t immediately join my dad’s side again. I joined the fitness industry at Bodybuilding.com where I learned a tremendous amount of information not just about health and fitness but also business culture. It would prove to be important later in my career. After my 2 years with Bodybuilding.com and 9 years of my Dad at home, our family met a fork in the road. My dad was forced to make a tough decision. Move the business he worked hard to build or give it up. Giving up was not an option for my brother, my dad and I because this was what my Dad had built the foundation of our lives on. My brother and I took it upon ourselves to quit what we were doing and help carry on our father’s legacy of helping people with their automotive needs. In Sept of 2010 we opened the doors to Oscar’s Automotive. As any entrepreneur will tell you, the road can be tough. After 7 years of running the business with my brother and Dad, I took an opportunity to move to Oregon to go learn more about running an automotive business. I was lucky enough to join forces with an admirable man who taught me a lot about myself and how to do automotive better. After 2 years of learning I came back with one mission. To enhance the automotive experience for everybody. I want to show everybody that they can be cared for in ways that are extra-ordinary for the automotive industry.



I was born and raised in Boise, the Best city in the US. I am the oldest son of Oscar. I grew up learning about Mercedes from my father. In 2010 I went to work with Oscar in the shop he had built at our home and where he had started the legacy we have today. It was there where I found my love for Mercedes repair. I attend classes to further my education in automotive repair.

In my personal life I have 3 children, 2 daughters and 1 son. I am passionate about playing video games, especially in the winter. In the summer I love being outside so I enjoy disc golf with friends, attending outdoor city events, traveling to other city events, doing paint night events,  gardening at home and of course, again, playing video games.

My aspirations for Oscars are to take my father’s life work and carry it on to serve our customers in ways that are extraordinary for the automotive industry.



I am the youngest child and only daughter to Oscar Martinez. I was born and raised in Boise Idaho where I grew up around cars. I have worked in various service occupations and really love being able to work with people. I joined my two older brothers, Eric and Bradley, in 2016 to help run the family business. I have since become the office administrator to help Oscar’s Automotive operations run more efficiently. I love learning new things and have really enjoyed learning the dynamics of the specialty cars they work on here. I know I have so much more to learn about cars but I love what I do and am thankful for the work ethics my father has instilled in me.  Together with my brothers I am hoping to grow the business and continue the legacy my father has left for us to make him and our customers alike proud.



A native Boisean and longtime resident of the Northwest, John has recently left several years working in the automotive parts aftermarket to become an official member of the Oscar’s Automotive family as the service manager. When not at the shop John pursues his autodidactic interests, the regional outdoors, live musical events, and serves as the head of the Wine Mafia. John is a truly valued asset to this team and serves to ensure our customer relations remains strong.



Sean P started his automotive journey while still in high school by attending the after school Auto Tech program at the Daryl A. Dennis Technical Center. After years of work in a different industry, Sean found himself back in the automotive industry training at the College of Western Idaho. After 2 years, Sean graduated top of his class Magna Cum Laude. He soon joined the Oscars Automotive team and has been a true asset to the team. Sean is now the lead tech on all modern BMW, Mercedes and Mini Coopers that are brought to our facility. He is respected by the entire team here at Oscars and throughout the automotive community the Treasure Valley and keeps his head down always working to make Oscars the best place to take vehicles.