A Brief History of BMW

All across the world, many drivers choose to drive BMWs, and its rich history easily shows why people love their BMWs. The acronym BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke GmbH, which roughly translates to the Bavarian Engine Works Company. Initially an engine manufacturer, BMW launched its very first automobile, a motorcycle, in 1923. Throughout the 30s, BMW expanded their lineup to cars as well as larger luxury vehicles. The BMW 3/20, released in 1932, was the first BMW automobile designed totally by BMW. 4 years later, BMW released its initial four-door sedan, the BMW 326.

After World War II, BMW introduced the BMW 501 in 1951. After some modifications, the model was re-released as the BMW 501A. As a result BMW saw its sales double. During the 1950s, BMW purchased a license to make Issetas, an Italian “bubble car” that was very popular in the European market. More than 10 thousand Issetas were sold in 1955 alone. Unfortunately, for a couple of years BMW wasn’t competitive enough to take on its rivals and was close to declaring bankruptcy. In 1960, the growth program started for a new series of models, called the “Neue Klasse” (New Course) project, which is credited for saving the BMW firm. After the program launched, BMW released New Class four-door cars in 1962, formally establishing its identification as sports sedan manufacturers. In 1968, manufacturing of the BMW M30 engine began, BMW’s first straight-six engine since World War II would stay in manufacturing for 24 years. Four years later, the first generation of the BMW 5 collection vehicles replaced the New Course sedans. BMW’s very first SUV, the X5, was presented in 1999. Although different from its typical cars, the X5 marketed well and caused various other SUV models to be introduced in the coming years. Today, BMW produces high-quality luxurious sedans, sports cars, and SUVs that have the best driving feel in the market. 

BMW Today

With over 15 models on the market today, BMWs are known for the smooth drive they provide, their standout look, and their quiet purring engines. If your BMW ever needs alternator repair or anything else, don’t hesitate to come to Oscars Automotive in Ada County. The current models BMW has include:

  • BMW X3: A compact luxury crossover SUV that has been manufactured since 2003. The X3 3.0i won the Canadian Car of the Year Best Sports Utility Vehicle award for 2005. If your X3 ever needs brake repair and you’re in Boise or Eagle, don’t hesitate to bring it to Oscars Automotive.
  • BMW X5: A mid-size luxury rear-wheel drive SUV that made its debut in 1999. It was BMW’s first SUV. If your car needs transmission repair or anything else, you can come to Oscars Automotive in Ada County.
  • BMW 3-Series: A compact executive car that has been manufactured since May 1975. The 3 Series has been on Car and Driver magazine’s annual 10 Best List 22 times, from 1992 to 2014. We at Oscars Automotive have performed plenty of services on BMW X4’s, including engine repair and brake repair.
  • BMW X7: A full-sized luxury sports vehicle that is BMW’s biggest SUV. Whether your X7 needs an oil change or something else, you can bring it to us and we will repair your vehicle with great care and efficiency.

If you have a BMW in need of repairs, you can bring it to Oscars Automotive in Boise today!

BMW Maintenance Schedule

If you are a BMW owner, you probably know that your vehicle follows a bit of a different maintenance schedule than other vehicle makes. We at Oscars Automotive are very familiar with this schedule and can get you and your BMW back on the road as soon as possible. Here is a brief overview of the BMW maintenance schedule: 

  • 20,000 mile service: When your BMW hits 20,000 miles, it is time to get the Inspection I service. Four major components will be inspected: the undercarriage, engine compartment, body/electrical equipment, and final inspection. While examining the undercarriage, our technicians will check the steering system, brakes, tires, and engine oil and filter.
  • 40,000 mile service: The 40,000 Inspection II service is more detailed than the previous maintenance service. On top of the regular inspection that Inspection I has, the 40,000 mile service will replace different parts like the filters and spark plugs.
  • 60,000 mile service: The 60,000 mile service will be the same as the Inspection I service, but will also include a thorough inspection of the parking brake lining, replacement of your spark plugs and air filters, inspection of the car’s body to spot any signs of rust, as well as a complete examination of flexible boots to spot any signs of leaks.
  • 90,000 mile service: The 90,000 mile service will just be a routine maintenance service. However, there will be additional work done too. The spark plugs, hoses, brake rotors, and timing belt will be inspected and replaced as needed.

Oscars Automotive: The BMW Repair Shop Boise, ID Trusts

Ultimately, all cars require to be brought in for repair work. Whatever your demands are, you can take your BMW to Oscars Automotive for the BMW auto repair Boise, ID relies on. Happily serving residents of Boise and bordering areas since 2002, our highly-skilled technicians go through extensive auto repair work training. At Oscars Automotive, our leading goal is total customer satisfaction, and we will certainly see to it your car is dealt with superior service and cost-effectively. Right here’s some guiding concepts we adhere to daily:

  • Growing as individuals and as a business gives us the tools to help others thrive in their life’s pursuits.
  • Our desire is to help customers have an experience that is informed to enrich their understanding of automotive.
  • By creating a lasting opportunity, our customers and friends alike will reap the benefits of what we achieve.

If you are in or near Boise, feel free to offer us a telephone call at (208) 629-8880 to arrange an appointment at Oscars Automotive today!

The Strength of Oscars Automotive

  • ASE-Certified Technicians on Staff
  • Motorsport Waiting Room with Free Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary Uber/Lyft (with signed work order)
  • 3-Year/36,000-Mile Nationwide Warranty Including Roadside Assistance
  • Full Range of Detailing Services
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For honest and efficient BMW Repair in Boise, ID, turn to the capable team at Oscars Automotive. “Life’s too short to drive boring cars.”

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